Yelena of the Wind-favored Harpies


Forbiddingly tall. Hair of raven-black streaked with iron-grey. Old without being elderly. Aged but sharp as a blade. Eyes like piercing flint. Nose like a knife. Her hands are taloned. Her body is rail-thin dressed in whirling black robes. She has full wings and may fly in open air, and is in superb physical condition despite her age. She moves like a warrior, and when in battle mode, can make short dashes where she is unable to be tracked by the unaided eye.


Yelena is an aged former member of the Five Favored, the Officer Class of the Wind-Favored Harpies of The Rock of Auel. Retired, she happily (if ferociously) runs Masrur’s House of Rest on the Caliphate, the Central Isle of Caliph’ar. She is high in Status and Caste and has spoken to the Arra herself.

Yelena of the Wind-favored Harpies

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