Caliph'ar, The Unchained


The Great Nation of Caliph’ar, The Unchained

Automaton Porters (a form of lesser golem), constructs of brass and porcelain with blank faces (only suggestions of features) do all fetch-and-carry work for both citizens and visitors of The Caliphate. They are seen in other functions on the other three Islands, but not in such numbers.

The islands were bound together because of Arra’s superior crafts-in-faith.

Mineral crystals (of all varieties) are now scarce, as they are prized for ornamentation of all of Caliph’ar’s works.

The Caliphate Isle exerts its dominance through its mastery of trade and crafts-in-faith. It is large and grand, and looks as if what might happen if Arabia and India were dominated by Sufi Islam (the Religion of Caliph’ar is best understood through the lens of the latter.) An interesting detail is that there is no vagrancy or ‘sleeping rough’ on the Isle; it is a very serious crime, and it is mandated that all visitors may only sleep in certified Houses of Rest, and the only citizens who may sleep on the Island are the religious caste.

The Gate of Magnificence, as seen from the Great Market Plaza

Archanel is considered the least of the islands, as all metal-workers and crafters not of the faith are not as respected. It is also the where the Slums – the Downbelow – where the Low-Caste Workers of the Unchained must make their domiciles. Archanel is a loud raucous isle, which is nevertheless popular as the place where one can find parts, drinks and friendly mayhem the Inverse World over.

Arbendral is held in second-highest of esteem, for its terraces and hanging gardens deliver the much-needed food that keeps Caliph’ar fed. While delicacies are imported, the Unchained is independent and self-sufficient. (The Histories detail attempts to conquer the Unchained as always seeking to take the Farmer’s Isle first.)

Ardrennan is the Isle of Houses. Only the Priesthood and Crafters-in-Faith are allowed to sleep on the Caliphate Isle; all others must make their residences on Ardrennan, and make the commute daily if they work on the Central Island. It is taken for granted and held in reasonable esteem, and is quite beautiful – the architecture is somewhere between Persian, Italian and Greek.

The three Flying BuildingsBose, Calla and Drell – move in the stately route marked on the map, regularly ferrying any and all passengers to their respective destinations, taking an hour to make each leg of the trip and waiting twenty minutes at each location for people to board and disembark. It is important to remember that the entire Great Nation slowly rotates as well.

Caliph'ar, The Unchained

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