Notable Features of Invells

The Inverse World, as earlier noted, is strange and has its own peculiar physics – don’t look for ‘real world’ explanations here! Called ‘Invells’ by its inhabitants, it is a self-contained universe of its own, completely enclosed within the Worldcrust and lit by Sola’s Cage, the molten golden prison of an unhappy goddess.

However, just like the ‘real world’, Invells has its own consistency – its rules can be observed and systemized, and its own variant science has come into existence… which is how the Mechanics make their living, by exploiting those unique scientific principles.

Firstly, everything dances to its own tune and pattern – Invells is not unlike a clock; all of its parts interact in harmony… except when they don’t.

The Island Ring orbits the Central Sun of Sola’s Cage; the individual Islands come in all shapes and sizes, but they all observe their orbits and generally do not deviate from them. The closer an Island orbits near Sola, the faster it moves.

The Cloud Sea does not orbit per se. Its clouds are fairly stable in position, but they do wax and wane in size depending on the fluctuations of Sola – when the Cage flares with heat, it tends to reduce the clouds above that flare and provoke bright ‘daylight’. These flares are often consistent… but every once in a while, vary. But on the whole there is a reasonably similar daycycle like Earth’s. Except when there isn’t.

The surface of Sola’s Cage does not rotate or move. Therefore, the Citadel of the Light does not move. Given that the Citadel emits an immense amount of light and heat upwards from its Tower of the Sky, this creates the Summer Beam – as the Island Ring orbits above, each time it passes above the Beam it experiences Summer, and thus marks its calendar and the passage of time and years. (This does mean that the heights of the Islands relative to Sola do affect their calendars, so one has to have a new calendar for each Isle, depending.) There is a large open area in the Cloud Sea above the Citadel, as the Beam spreads out as it travels, destroying the clouds to a great degree. The Worldcrust far far above the Beam is a dry desert.

Contrariwise, the side of the Cage away from the Citadel is the Winterzone; as the Islands pass above the farside of Sola, they cool and the Worldcrust’s Icelands rain down snow and hail (and once in a while, an entire glacier).

One ever-present feature of the Inverse World is the susurrus – sometimes called ‘The Breath of Sola’. Given that the Inverse World is a vast volume of enclosed (by the Worldcrust) air… there are constant standing waves of air within that great volume, that sounds like a low rumbling whisper that is always present in the background. Only within the deep Hidden Cities or securely-closed interior rooms is it ever silent.

Things That Do Not Exist (Nor Ever Did)

The W.F.O., as noted on page 283 of Inverse World, does not exist, nor did it ever.

Notable Features of Invells

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