The Scholarate of Artinuus

The foremost place of learning and knowledge in the Island Ring, the Scholarate of Artinuus is led by Magistra Ludi, who is thought to be very old and learned indeed. The Scholars are the greatest collectors of every kind of information and lore as can be known, and can be found virtually everywhere in Invells – even the Citadel of Light has known them as visitors.

The Scholarate lies two weeks’ standard travel Windward (that is, against the perpetual winds that sweep along with the Islands in their orbits around the Ring) from Caliph’ar, The Unchained.

Scholars are famed for their political neutrality, though the more repressive polities tend to distrust them or ascribe to them hostile intentions. Such have never been reliably proven, though it’s true that when a City-State or Great Nation collapses, there’s always a Scholar present… observing and collecting information.


The Scholarate of Artinuus

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